Monthly Archives: January 2014

It’s Friday, 4:05 p.m., me and Sam are at the library. He’s checking out models trains, I’m working on my blog, I’m trying to get the word out on my homeless cause. We worry more about the homeless, hungry, and sick around the world that America can’t see we have the very same issues in at home in the USA. Why, we are “None So Blind”, and that’s a damn shame. May God have mercy on our souls, the homeless won’t.


Walking in the ice, snow, wind, sleet, rain, and golden sunshine it’s all the same it’s obstacles of us who are known as street warriors. We are true warrors existing in our nighmare. Would you care to walk with me? You can leave at anytime. I may leave tomorrow or nevermore!

I’m so tired of not having a place to call my own. Employers who discriminate against offering me a job because of my age. I’m so had it with walking the wintery streets in the snow, ice, and wind.In church when I think people can’t see me I cry for the situation I find myself in. However I’m just lying to myself, the people see me crying. They offer support, they know my situation. A lady in my church supports with everything in her being. I messaged her “I feel so alone”. She screamed at me in a message.

End homelessness in America

Why are we homeless? A worker gets downsized at his jobs after years of loyal service. Bills add up we fall behind the house payments. The result we get foreclosed on. A member of the family gets cancer or some horrible disease. The insurance we have the job we just got downsized on will last for eighteen months. Unless you find another job with insurance coverage and will except existing conditions, you will have to dip into your savings. More likely than not, you will drain your savings before the disease is defeated. Then you find yourself homeless and on the street. What needs to be done? A bill of rights and living act is being passed into law around the country this will help. Especially in my state of Iowa. What do you think.