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Homeless in America

February 26, 2014-10:19 a.m. I’m receiving a lot of feedback on poetry and my activism in my battle to end homelessness in America. On February 14, 2014 I performed poetry at a Valentine funding luncheon for the King Harvest Shelter in which I’m a resident. Before the luncheon my story was in the Argus-Dispatch. This past Monday my story was in the QC Times. This isn’t about me, despite what a narrow minded commenter thinks. This issue is about the whole. It’s about the 675000 men, women, and children who are homeless every night in America. It’s about the people who can’t find shelter. They sleep in abandon houses, garages, barns, and yes even outhouses. I, myself once before when I was on the streets, spent a night in a outhouse. You can find a warm meal at a free meal sight in Davenport. Medical, mental care, and perscriptions can be a little tougher to get when you are homeless and have limited funds. If you even have any money at all. People who put us down have no clue. We try to make things work, but its hard when you have limited funds, computer time, and in live in a shelter or the cold streets. Its so easy to degrade us from your warm home with all the comforts of success. You deny that we even exist. Come walk a week in our shoes, I dare you!!!


Homeless in America

2/22/2014-2:05 p.m.-America did you ever ask why your fellow citizens are homeless? What did you say:uneducated, alcohol or drug addiction, physical or mental illness, unemployed, or poor decisions. Uneducated, no most homeless people have at least a high school educated and some have college degree or more. Alcohol or drug addiction could have caused people to be homeless or some people could have become addicted after they were homeless to escape reality. Unemployed people could have ran out of money which could have caused them to be homeless. Physical or mental illness could lead to unemployment, homelessness, and addiction. The problem is it happened no matter the reason.

Homeless in America

February 21, 2014-3:13 p.m.- I was in the Center today reading my bible and staying warm. I was conteplating what my plans for the will be. Around 2:00 p.m., as I was preparing to leave the director came out and showed a grant she had just wrote. It was about me. A year and a half of being homeless mainly due to a relationship gone wrong due to outside interference and the inability to find a job at age 61. The work I’m now doing is in the name of the homeless population of the Quad Cities. Many of whom are my friends. My fight is for a bill of rights and living act in the state of Iowa. A battle I fight and will continue to fight until I taste sucess.

Jan 11


675000 men, women, and children every night

Search for a roof, a bed, and a bowl of soup

Some find refuge for the stormy night

Many are turned away into the streets of hell

We ask only will you please share your comforts

With us who aren’t as fortunate

Have a kind a heart, a smile, or a kind word

For the homeless children of Elomin

We have struggled for days, months,

Or God have mercy YEARS

Please open your hearts, eyes, and ears

We pray that you hear are desperate pleas

We are men, women, and children some have given up all hope

Others have surrendered our souls to a bottle or a needle

To escape reality

We reach out for friendly hand

A hand that is neverever there

Please America reach out to the homeless

Open your hearts to Gypsy, Cindy, Sam, and so many many more

Please America open your hearts to us

Your brothers and sisters

Homeless in America

February 20, 2014-10:18 a.m.- Yesterday I created a petition to pass a bill for the homeless in Iowa. It’s a homeless bill of rights and living acts for the people of Iowa. Basically it would state that a homeless person has the right to shelter, medical,mental treatment, access to their own personal/medical records, and so much much more.Please go to http://chn/1e7x0k. Please sighn and share.


How do we survive life on the streets

Do we have a choice

Live or die

We are judged everyday

By the tattered blue jeans

Now faded we wear

Unforgetable stares we receive as a city passes us by

Appearences are so deceiving

Judge us for who we are

Not what we are

How dare you pass judgement on us

Unless you have walked in our shoes

And survived

End Homelessness in America

February 17, 2014-11:28 a.m.- I received an email from governor Branstad telling me how I can get a bill introduced to the state legislature. I contacted three representatives from Iowa. I asked them their views on a homeless bill of rights and living act in the state of Iowa. What homeless legislate bills they have are limited to the total problem, include all the homeless not just part of the problem. I swear politicians are so narrow-minded.