End Homelessness in America

It’s 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning over fives inches of fresh snow has fallen. The temperature is 17 degrees. The streets are totally treacherous, buts thats the way the streets always are to street warriors. People I talk to say we feel for the homeless, but unless they have been where we are how can they! They go home to a fine house, a car, fine funishing, and a loving family. I have none of the before mentioned family. I have family in the Quad Cities or do I. I have a cousin who lives in Milan, Illinois. I Facebooked her in May, exchanged messages. Even left her my phone number, nothing. At least I figured a invite for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, nothing. I spent those holidays walking the street contemplating my life, was it even worth living. Who even cares!


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