Jan 11


675000 men, women, and children every night

Search for a roof, a bed, and a bowl of soup

Some find refuge for the stormy night

Many are turned away into the streets of hell

We ask only will you please share your comforts

With us who aren’t as fortunate

Have a kind a heart, a smile, or a kind word

For the homeless children of Elomin

We have struggled for days, months,

Or God have mercy YEARS

Please open your hearts, eyes, and ears

We pray that you hear are desperate pleas

We are men, women, and children some have given up all hope

Others have surrendered our souls to a bottle or a needle

To escape reality

We reach out for friendly hand

A hand that is neverever there

Please America reach out to the homeless

Open your hearts to Gypsy, Cindy, Sam, and so many many more

Please America open your hearts to us

Your brothers and sisters


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