Homeless in America

March 18, 2014-9:38 am- Answer this question I dare you. Why does the United States of America spend billions of dollars around the world every year to fight homelessness, hunger, and sickness. Yet are so blind to the same problems hear at home. Cities in America even criminalize being homeless. Back in June, Denver, Colorado made it illegal to eat food on public or private property. Does that mean at Mile High Stadium during a Denver Broncos football game? Let me guess that only pertains to the homeless. It’s not like a homeless person has the money to buy a ticket to a NFL game. Come on America get your head out of your ass. Watch what happens when you become homeless. How does your family treat you? My family turned their backs away from me. I guess I’m the black sheep of the family. Some of my family are really religious, love on another, do unto other as you have others do to you. Wake up America, take the blinders off!


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