Homeless In America


Down thru the hallow centuries
Mankind has forgotten their own
Turn their backs on friends, brothers, sisters, and total strangers
Why, why, Elomin, why
Are we different from others
The pigmentation of ones flesh, words we speak are from a different tongue,
And we are homeless
Alas, mankind has forgotten
Jesus Christ was also homeless
We walk the ebony streets
Trying to find our way
Strangers approach, but look away
Man without a drop of mercy
Murder his brothers and sisters down thru the years
Angels we are not, we are flawed by satan
Jesus Christ died on the cross
So man may have everlasting life
We come into this world with empty hands
We will leave the same way
Why do we wrong are brothers and sisters
Are so nieve
Do we not know
Once our number is called
God Amighty
Will voice our final judgement
Upon the glorious day the foregotten will be remembered


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