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Homeless in America

4/30/2014-3:29 pm. I just received this afternoon about an hour ago a message. The presidents of St. Ambrose University and Augustana college will attend the homeless round table on May 20, 2014 at the Center at 11:00 am.


End Homeless in America

4/28/2014-2:26 pm. The round table meeting on May 20, 2014 is gaining momentum. Confirmed to appear at this point are members of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, United churches of the Quad Cities, Larry Minard, chairman of the Scott county board of supervisors, Iowa state representatives Cindy Wrinkler and Phyliss Thede, more are invited. This meeting is open to the public.

End Homeless in America

4/11/2014-11:02- Last night at St. Anthony’s Catholic church, I performed a poem I had written called “Home”. Most of the times when I perform, I’m able to control my emotions on stage. Last night I failed, I have lost so much in the last year and a half, clothes, my beloved cat, and a woman I was going to marry. Most of the time I have lost myself, so much so I had even contemplated my death. That was then, now I have God directing my life, my writings, and my cause for the homeless.

End Homeless in America

4/4/2014-2:18pm- My fight against being homeless continues every day. Some might say give up what have you gained? I’m making people aware of homeless problem in Quad Cities and in the state of Iowa. I have told people if I have to I would be a martyr for a homeless bill of rights and living act. I’m tired of seeing with mental issues on the streets and not receiving any professional, just because they’re homeless. Bullshit! I’ll walk down 3rd and fourth street in Davenport, Iowa and see abandoned building just standing idle without any occupants, no chance of being occupied ever. Hey Mr. Owner why don’t you donate these building to a church so they can can convert them to a homeless shelter, alcohol/drug addiction centers, a day room, educational/employment training facitly, and a soup kitchen. Help your Quad Cities cure the homeless epidemic.

End homeless in America

Once a street warrior wandered about
A crimson sun rises on a fresh day
Magic showers from the heaven above
God says enough is enough
All of mankind who ever desired a home
Forever has a home
Hunger and illness is nevermore
Families once separated are reunited
Spite is replaced by love forevermore
Tears are replaced by smiles and laughter
God shows his awesome love
Once again

End Homeless in America

Every gloomy morning I awaken from my hell in the concrete jungle in the lonely streets of Davenport, Iowa. I am a 60 year old homeless lonely man, stranded in Iowa.
Banned for life
Local city leaders accuse me and those like me of vandalism to city property: the sky bridge and parking garages without proof. They chased us away without from city parks and parking garages as we sleep in those locations. We are not angels nor are we murders. We are an embarrassment to the city and they want to eliminate us. Rumor has it that they want to close the free food cafe’s and some shelters. True or not, there are too many of us to make them happy. Believe or not?
Banned for life
America is powerfull and rich. We feed and protect the world with billions of dollars every year. Yet we neglect our own unfortunate men, women, and children here in America. Where is our life with dignity? We are not asking for a free ride. We ask only for the opportunity to be proud Americans as we once were. To see our families looking at us with loving pride once again. The words I speak will put a target on my heart. I don’t care. Americans hate to be told they failed. I will send these words to America’s national and state leaders.