End Homeless in America

4/4/2014-2:18pm- My fight against being homeless continues every day. Some might say give up what have you gained? I’m making people aware of homeless problem in Quad Cities and in the state of Iowa. I have told people if I have to I would be a martyr for a homeless bill of rights and living act. I’m tired of seeing with mental issues on the streets and not receiving any professional, just because they’re homeless. Bullshit! I’ll walk down 3rd and fourth street in Davenport, Iowa and see abandoned building just standing idle without any occupants, no chance of being occupied ever. Hey Mr. Owner why don’t you donate these building to a church so they can can convert them to a homeless shelter, alcohol/drug addiction centers, a day room, educational/employment training facitly, and a soup kitchen. Help your Quad Cities cure the homeless epidemic.


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