Homeless in America

4/12/2014-9:03 am.- Nearly two years of being homeless I have endured. Bouncing from Humility of Mary to the streets of Davenport to King Harvest upstairs then downstairs, and now back to Humility of Mary. Today it looks like I will be moving into my own apartment on at Edgewater on third. I should be moved in sometime this afternoon. What tears me up is how people can’t let go that I’m homeless and trying to fight might way out. They expect me to be normal, but how can I be normal after being on the streets for nearly two years. How did I cope with being homeless? Not well, I was at times severely depressed and very suicidal. A friend and writing saved me. These people have never been homeless let alone struggling on the black and bloody streets I know all to damn well.Why do you think I’m fighting so hard to get everybody off the street into a home of their own. I’m fighting for the rights of the homeless and more funding for community services Mental hospitals have closed down across the country. Where do think those patients go. No where else but shelters or the streets. All that does is creat a dangerous situation for patient as well as others. I will give my life for this cause. I’m answering God’s calling.


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