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I have homeless for nearly 2 years, but finally I have an apartment while waiting for my social security in October or November. I fight for the homeless. To help regain our dignity, hope, and life. Until they have a home I really can't say I have a home.

End Homeless in America

6/4/2014-2:57 pm.- Monday at the end of my open mike performance an elderly woman asked me to help her 30 granddaughter leave the streets. She was living in a tent with another person who the grandmother didn’t care for. I gave to sources of shelter for her grandaughter. I hoped she contact them and get off the streets. Today I called the elderly lady she said her granddaughter called the two sources, but their was no vacancy. I hope that was the truth. Sometimes some people are more comfortable on the streets.

Homeless in America

5/27/2014-5:47 pm.- At nearly 3:00 pm., as I was walking on third street in Davenport, Iowa. I was approached by a lovely lady, a reporter from channel 6 news. She asked me if I heard about president Obama statement about ending the war in Afganistan, a war that has existed for 13 years and thousands of American casualties. I hadn’t but it was good new if only we withdraw properly, making sure the current government can secure the peace. We’ll have an embassy over there with a small force, but let it be known we’ll be watching.

Homeless in America

5/21/2014-3:03pm.- The round table meeting yesterday was a success. I opened with a statement. I was interupted several times by applause. I was feeling it. All those who spoke were eloquent speakers. I would expect nothing comparing the talented individuals that were in attendance. I spoke strong of public awareness, I told the audience that the homeless are not fools. They are intelligent human beings. I spoke of funding community service across the state of Iowa for rental assistance and help all of the needy citizens. I stated that funding needs to come from the public sector as well as state funding. Non-profit groups such as the churches, foods pantries, and all shelters need to work together under one umbrella. We are more productive working together rather than as individuals. Let’s not forget about America’s hero our military veterans. Lest we forget their sacrifices to America, shame on us. Looks like I’ll be working with Iowa state representatives Wrinkler and Thede with the funding and possibly speaking to a large group of legislatures in Des Moines, Iowa after the November elections.

Homeless in America

5/19/2014-4:08 pm.-May 20/ 2014 the homeless roundtable at the Center in Davenport, Iowa. I, the chairman of the Life committee and my team have a powerhouse lineup of guest: The Catholic Diocese, Churches United of the Quad Cities, Mayor Bill Gluba, Larry Minard Scott county supervisors, president of St. Ambrose University, representative from the office of Augustana College, two members of the Davenport city council, Dr. Elaine Winters and Kim Kossuth from Christian Care, Iowa state representatives Cindy Wrinkler and Phyliss Thede, the directors of Timothy’s House of Hope, King Harvest, The Center. The public is invited.

Homeless in America

5/15/2014-3:24 pm.-This my fourth day in my new apartment. I a sofa, my bible, some clothes and bag of chips. I have no curfew like I did in the shelter. I’m not sleeping on concrete like I did in the streets. I have no time limit in the showers. The one thing that has stayed the same. I’m still lonely. I’m still fighting the cause of the homeless. But until a brave woman will give a gypsy, who for nearly 2 years was homeless and is trying to get a job at nearly 62 years of age a chance. I guess I will always be lonely.

Homeless In America

5/15/2014-10:09 am. NBC News report from Daytona, Florida, a couple have been threatened with over $2200 in fines plus jail if they don’t quit feeding the homeless every week. This is happening across America. Cities are criminalizing being homeless. What’s next concentrations camps for the homeless. 610000 men, women, and children are homeless every night in America. Contact your state/federal representative and senators and voice your concern. Speak your mind America.