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Homeless in America

5/21/2014-3:03pm.- The round table meeting yesterday was a success. I opened with a statement. I was interupted several times by applause. I was feeling it. All those who spoke were eloquent speakers. I would expect nothing comparing the talented individuals that were in attendance. I spoke strong of public awareness, I told the audience that the homeless are not fools. They are intelligent human beings. I spoke of funding community service across the state of Iowa for rental assistance and help all of the needy citizens. I stated that funding needs to come from the public sector as well as state funding. Non-profit groups such as the churches, foods pantries, and all shelters need to work together under one umbrella. We are more productive working together rather than as individuals. Let’s not forget about America’s hero our military veterans. Lest we forget their sacrifices to America, shame on us. Looks like I’ll be working with Iowa state representatives Wrinkler and Thede with the funding and possibly speaking to a large group of legislatures in Des Moines, Iowa after the November elections.